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About Us

Premium: of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind.

Ecology: concerning the study of relationships between living organisms (including humans) and their environment, and the balance between these relationships.

Our story...

begins with a soggy paper straw disintegrating.

I still remember the first time I was given a paper straw at a juice bar, and the novelty of this new and clearly more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic evaporated almost as rapidly as the straw itself did.

I thought “maybe I just got a faulty one - I’ll try again another time”. Next time came around, and the outcome was the same - a soggy mess, a largely ruined drink, and the daunting contemplation of a strange new world, in which the reliable (but harmful) straws I’d known since childhood no longer had a place in.

The final straw however, was not a straw at all - it was the first time I was handed cheap disposable wooden cutlery with a meal at an outdoor event. Immediately the brittle and rough touch of them made me rather uncomfortable, like my meal might come with a surprise side of splinter.

I was starting to see signs of this everywhere - the world appeared to have largely conceded that a future where our reliance on harmful materials and manufacturing practices being minimised is one of discomfort and poor end user experiences. But why did this have to be? The fundamental question came to me:

What if living more harmoniously with our planet didn’t have to to mean sacrificing quality, comfort and style?

Premium Ecology was born that day. Knowing that all of us can do our part in shifting our consumption habits to more environmentally conscious products and services, we created this store, offering only eco-friendly products that meet the highest quality standards - there's nothing wrong with desiring a premium experience - and why shouldn't we be rewarded for doing the right thing?

    I was born and raised in regional Victoria, so I’ve always had an affinity with the natural world - I was very lucky to spend the days of my youth in the great outdoors, surrounded by this great land's flora and fauna, and the nights under a starry sky - unspoiled by the light pollution of big cities. But I also had a passion for technology and exceptional product design - the intersection of these interest led me to this. We've scoured high and low, leaving no stone unturned in the copious research, negotiation and selection of products worthy of inclusion in the collection we present to you today, and we hope to expand on our range even further in future.

    I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for on Premium Ecology (if not don’t hesitate to drop me an email and we’ll see if we can help you out!) - and join us on our mission to make sustainable living stylish!


    Our Mission Statement

    Premium Ecology's mission is to empower everybody to live sustainably, without compromising on quality, comfort or style. Knowing that all of us can do our part in shifting our consumption habits to more environmentally conscious products and services, we created this store - offering a diverse range of eco-friendly products that must meet the highest quality standards.


    We understand the urgency of protecting our environment, and we are driven by the belief that every small action counts. That's why we curate a collection of thoughtfully sourced, sustainable products that align with our core values of environmental responsibility, social equity, and uncompromising quality.


    We established some simple core principles that drive our relentless search for premium eco-friendly products - Everything we offer must:

    • Help leave the planet in a better place than we found it,
    • Be of high quality design and match (or even exceed) the utility of its non-sustainable predecessors,
    • Surprise and delight in adding a touch of class, quality and luxury to your life - without the guilt that comes with unsustainable alternatives! 


      We strive to be a reliable source of information and inspiration, guiding our customers towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Together, we can create a ripple effect that leads to a healthier planet for future generations. Together, we can make great consumer choices without sacrificing our standards for quality and style.

      That's Premium Ecology.

      - Andy