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Eco-Friendly Wooden Laptop Stand

Sale price$45.99 AUD

Compatible with virtually any laptop from 10 to 15 inches!

This laptop stand is made out of two simple parts of beech wood that are assembled together, forming a cross. When not in use the two parts can be disassembled and attached to your laptop by a silicone band creating a convenient and secure way of transporting it.

Improves your posture while working and fights against laptop overheating and saves your hardware from accidental liquid spills on your desk. Its silicon band allows you to keep your laptop secured and fasten to the stand so that you don’t have to detach it or unmount it when moving your laptop around. Travel light.

1 x Laptop Stand (2 eco-friendly  European Beech Wood parts)
1 x High-Quality Silicon Band
4 x Laptop Stickers

Stood Laptop Stand - SLIM
Eco-Friendly Wooden Laptop Stand Sale price$45.99 AUD