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Ombre Travel Bag | POND Green

Sale price$31.99 AUD

Our collection of high-performing eco-friendly beauty products are designed to address the unique needs of active health seekers. With our compact and ultra-portable Pond Green Ombre Travel Bag, you can keep all of your favourite YUNI beauty products on hand—no matter where your day takes you. 

Perfect for Carrying Your Essentials

Fill our Pond Green Ombre Travel Bag with your favourite YUNI products and have everything you need to prep your mind and body before a workout. Gently cleanse your skin at the end of a session and recall your yoga moment at will.

Our Pond Green Ombre Travel Bag recalls rays of sunlight gently streaming down across a deep lake in the woods. It has embroidery of the YUNI logo in the centre.

Also available in Dusk, Wave, and Dawn!


Ombre Travel Bag | POND Green
Ombre Travel Bag | POND Green Sale price$31.99 AUD